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Great help with all the vocab around German tax law, highly recommended. Thank you Oliver Miachaelis !
A very fair price, too (tax deductable ;-)

Introduction to German Tax Law

Clear and accessible guide

We have recognised the need for a clear and accessible guide to German tax law. We have therefore written this book for young academics and professionals who would like to find an easy way into German tax law, for our colleagues from abroad who do not speak German, and for German academics dealing with German tax law and trying to improve their English language skills at the same time.

We have combined information and vocabulary as well as a concise explication of the tax system and its principles. The books first part presents the principles of German tax law and the main German taxes. There is a focus on German personal income tax as well as on corporate income tax. The very special German trade tax is also touched on. An introduction to anti-avoidance measures, real estate (transfer) tax, value added tax, and inheritance and gift tax, as well as procedural aspects, can also be found here. In the second part useful glossaries detail the most important terms.

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